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Lectured 2007



In the so called interpretation of the alchemic science (symbolism), a percolated, directed and too inert structuring of signs and schematic drawings has been established as well as their satiation with imaginary knowledge.

The Bulgarian kholobars tradition defines Alchemy categorically as knowledge about the Creation and the Co-Creativity of the species.




Alchemy is a learning of the kholobars on the transmutation of the species passing in their evolution through the Four Basic Kingdoms on Earth.


The scholars who devote to Alchemy, are called AL-CHEMISTS, i.e. initiated for the chemical transmutations of the matter that lead to radical, fundamental changes determining the structures atomic organization to another level.

We could precise that alchemists take up:

(First level) the transmutation of atoms by chemical affinity. It concerns the Principles of structuring the DNA and its modifications;

(Second level) the transmutation of atoms by psychic affinity. It concerns the psychic processes and alchemical changes often labeled by the modern medicine as psychopathic.

(Third level) the transmutation of atoms by psychic affinity up to a Spiritual level. Transmutations by psychic affinity reaching high levels pass another, ultimate stage the spiritual one, i.e. specific changes in the atoms of only the human beings. To substantiate what was said thus far, we may confirm:




Alchemy is a science on specific transmutations of atoms by chemical and psychic affinity leading to sweeping changes in the matter and consciousness.



Talking about Alchemy, we definitely talk about the relation(ship) Matter - Consciousness.

Examining a certain alchemical process, we in fact examine the consequences of the qualities of the energy emanated by consciousness. In such aspect, alchemy is a science studying the consequences which matter stands in a certain qualitative leap of the psychic within us. It is of great importance to underline that kholobars obtained some methods of directing consciousness to expected psychic conditions helping these processes. This is clearly and precisely put in the Method of the alchemical process known as a Sacral Fairy Tale. On a subconscious level but in a watchful consciousness (mind) of the psychic current in us. On a conscious level with alchemical changes ideas DIRECTED BY OUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS. In the last sentence the whole secret of all energy schools training their adepts how to stimulate, command over and maintain this specific level of consciousness is rooted. The above applies even to the so called martial arts schools without referring to the quality of results wielded by their members or their ethic code. The initiated in alchemy never brook any participation in such trainings and skill learning.

The sacral fairy tales treating these three specific changes of transmutation are as follows:

1. Transmutation of atoms by chemical affinity: the fairy tales The Golden Girl, The Golden Little Key, or The Adventures of the Wooden Manikin Burra and Princess Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


This is a transmutation of the physical atoms to a change of the physical structure which passes by its own to the next Kingdom of evolution.


(yartsa gumbu, butterflies, etc.)



2. Transmutation of atoms by psychic affinity: the fairy tales Life-giving Water, Dragons Bride and Fairy-land.

These are methods of growing, training and reaching by the principle Initiation level. On this high spiritual level one gets the right to build the so called Androgynous couple.


(Aplysia juliana a sea mussel able to change its sex according to its needs; several of them gathered together form a generative chain; there is also a fish that changes its sex by its own decision).



3. Transmutation of atoms by soul-spiritual affinity: the fairy tales Cinderella, Firebird and The Star-fronted Champion and His Horse One-horned.

On this level the Androgynous couple reaches spiritual level and becomes member of Heaven. Spirit could come down into matter and resurrect Himself from His ashes, i.e. from the remains of His former body He becomes a Firebird.


(the destruction and reconstruction of the own body of Jesus Christ, the Ascension)


Alchemy is a LEARNING ON THE EVOLUTION OF THE BODY BY MEANS OF OUR PERSONL CONSCIOUSNESS and everything else about its use and purpose is untrue.

Alchemy proves in a high extend the deep knowledge of the kholobars priesthood about the construction and re-structuring of atoms of the matter encoded most often in abbreviations inertly repeated and artificially connected with matters far away from their symbolism. Such, for example, is the destiny of the following four energy codes:

- the PAM code. It means earth, mud, clay, matter of the planet. In a biblical sense, this mass of energy is called Lucifer. We do not have, however, in mind the ridiculous explanation of the energy substance characterized by ignorance as an evil genius. It may be such as the Jewish describe it if we only accept that our body is malodorous, disgusting and be subject to denial only because we have urinary bladder and large intestines.

- the RAM energy energy of fire laid in the foundations of all chemical and alchemical possibilities. It, and mainly it, proceeds the alchemical changes. Its mastering is the hardest problem of the initiated and scholars because it has unimaginably too many variations of manifestation from the physical energy of the friction (rubbing) to the psychic one of the thought.

- the VAM energy the water, the substance (medium) of mediation thanks to which all processes of the discussed changes could happen.

- the LAM energy the air that accomplishes the function of movement and transformation.

These four codes, a.k.a. Earth, Fire, Water and Air, are the bearers of the meta-chemical ideas, the alchemic abstractions. They are codes for the alchemical functions of the Change. They are functions of the Law of Quarternarity.

From an alchemic point of view, the process to the alchemical level of the Quarternarity Law is turning Lead into Gold. And those who would master it in full and confirm it as an unabolished essence of themselves they could learn also the secret of the Philosophers Stone.

This is alchemy.


Encoded alchemic information in the contents of the sacral Bulgarian fairy tales:

1. The Golden Little Key or the Wooden Manikin Burra: alchemy of the Plant body.

2. Snow White and the Seven Dzhudzhus (Dwarfs): alchemy of the Animal-Human body.

3. Yan(g) Bi Bi Yan(g): alchemy of the Human soul (Ka).

4. Life-giving Water: alchemy of the soul of a Spiritual Man.

5. Fairy-land: alchemy of the soul from the Fine World parallel to ours.

6. Firebird and Cinderella: alchemy of the Heavenly soul (Ba).

7. Star-fronted Champion and His Horse One-horned: alchemy of the initiated leaders of mankind the Bal-Gur(u)s.


These are the seven alchemic levels of our consciousness development Five of which concern Man directly, and the Sixth one discloses what the connection is between our world and those existing parallel to it. The Seventh level marks the deeds of the Heavenly teachers living among people.




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